Celebrity Masks Costume

Almost everyone dreams of becoming a celebrity. Having a face that will be loved by every person in the world is one of the most important things that you should consider. But we know that having a plastic surgery to have a face like David Beckham’s, Simon Cowell’s, Cheryl Cole’s, or even Prince William’s will cost you too much. The only best resort that you can do is to wear a celebrity mask.

You can attend to a party wearing one so that everybody’s eyes are set only you. You can choose a celebrity mask from a variety of famous Hollywood stars. All you have to do is find the one that you idolize the most or the one that has the same personality as you are. With this, you will not be too pressured being an actor or actress. And, who knows? You might be the next recipient of an Academy Award.

There are many online shops that offer celebrity masks of famous artists. Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Usher are some of the most in demand celebrity masks for those who love listening to music. On the other hand; Johnny Depp, Jennifer Anniston, Rowan Atkinson, Bratt Pitt, and Angelina Jolie are the celebrities that suit enough for those who are into acting. These celebrity masks that are available online can easily fit to any person’s face. All you have to do is simply attach it unto your ears.

So, if you want to walk like a celebrity in a red carpet, be sure that you wear the best celebrity face masks!, you might just get away with it!


Assassin Costume

A killer, a murderer, a slaughterer, and an executioner are some of the words that you can associate when you hear the word assassin. He is characterized by being cold and heartless, killing those who are powerful in position. An assassin tends to be mysterious, so he tries to hide his face all of the time. It will also help him not to be recognized by anyone. People who like this inexplicable character get dressed with ornamental costume.

If you want to look like a true serial killer, you need to find “gi”, clothe for judo or karate. Wash it with a few tea bags so that it would look dusty and old. For your pants, try searching for old martial art khakis in a flea store. Choose the one that has a dragon design. Wearing combat shoes will do the trick for you to have comfortable footwear. To complete the costume, wear a hood with a cut-down skull mask. This will make you so mysterious that you can trick everybody in the party.

Should you find it hard to make your own assassin costume; there are online shops that offer a set of assassin costume. It will perfectly fit for you since you have the power to choose from a wide range of designs. You can be a ninja assassin while your girl can be a geisha assassin. Whatever it is that you decide to pick; there is an assurance that if you want to be a murderer impressionist, you dress to kill!


Monk Costume

Most of people really cannot live the life of seclusion and celibacy. It is really hard for many of them to practice the routines that a monk usually does. Men cannot simply abstain from the things that give him pleasure unlike the men in the seminary. However, one way or another, you have thought of wearing the robes that monks put on while devoted in the act of holiness. This is why choosing this as a costume in your special costume events is the best decision you have ever made.

Dressing up like religious party goers is a very easy task. In fact, getting the right garment will not eat much of your time since there are plenty of places where you can get a monk costume. You can try going to your local church store since there are robes that are sold there. You can also buy there a necklace out of wood with also a wooden cross as its pendant. Add a belt cord to complete the whole getup.

If you need the costume immediately and you don’t have enough time going out, then try looking over several online shops. They offer a complete set of monk costume that will surely suit you well. It includes a brown hooded monk robe with a belt cord already. Sometimes, there are packages that already include the cross necklace. You can just try wearing a pair of black leather shoes. Just don’t forget to say Amen when you are done!



American Beauty Costume

American Beauty means something that is natural in the look of American female population. It is sometimes viewed as a sense of nationalism among women who profess love for their own Native American heritage. One of the ways to show this is dress up with the concept of the USA flag. However, this does not mean that women need to wear their famous Star Spangled Banner flag. The red, blue, and the stars are usually the concept of women or professing with American Beauty. So, if you want to show some sense of nationalism in your special costume event, then why not try dressing up like a Miss USA American Beauty.

An American Beauty costume is very easy to have. Look for a blue jacket that has silver stars design. Then, find a white top that is a bit lacey. A skirt that looks like a star spangled banner flag will do the trick as your bottoms. Just make sure to wear a petticoat to have a bubbly effect. Enhance this by wearing a blue waistcoat. Wear a red and white bowtie garter and hat. Wear a pair of red or blue shoes with white stockings to complete the whole costume.

Show some blue and red stripes with some glittery stars on your special event. It can be a fancy dress parties, hen nights, Halloween, or even just a simple costume party, but what’s important is the fact that you love your country and the you are showing the true American beauty!


Admiral Costume

An admiral is the highest of the naval officers and commands the most important decision that a fleet should follow. Technically, almost every nation has its own admiral. The outfits differ much from one country to another, but have the usual type of formality. It usually has budges and is most of the time very proper. However, if you are deciding to be an admiral for a costume event, being an admiral is great choice especially for men. They will look masculine enough to pump up the party. Women will surely dig onto you as soon as you are completely dressed up as one brave admiral.

Getting an admiral costume is not a hassle; you just can purchase one by the use of computer, internet, and credit card. A set of this costume usually includes a realistic looking admiral jacket with real star buttons on the lapels; usually this one has the gold buttons for the front closure and gold striped edging on the sleeves. The bottom of the costume can just be a pair of black slacks. Accessorize it with an American eagle emblem and a sailor’s admiral hat, of course, with gold trimmings.

Everybody will definitely snap to attention as soon as you arrive in the place of the special costume party. You do not need to worry that you will not get any attention since you and your costume will be the one to command for it. Just have the right admiral posture to everybody every time.


Britney Spears Costume

Hit me baby one more time! Britney Spears is back and she is currently reclaiming all honorific titles that have been given to her before all the scandals that she faced. With six out of seven number one albums, Britney Spears has been a legend in the music and entertainment industry. Many people around the world look up to her with all the things that she has accomplished, not to mention that she is a consistent recipient of Yahoo!’s Most Searched Person for many years now. Women of all ages would love to look like her, and fortunately it is so possible to sport all her outfit from her hit singles’ music videos.

“Baby One More Time” is the first ever single of the legendary Queen of Pop. Her outfit as a sexy schoolgirl has influenced many girls to dress up like her every time there is a special costume event. A mini school skirt and a school blouse will do the trick, but do not forget her two sides braided pony tail with pink feather hair tie. For the footwear, try wearing knee high socks with a high Mary Janes shoes.

“Toxic” is another one of her top-charting singles and her outfit there is absolutely fabulous. To dress up like this Britney Spears costume, you just have to purchase a turquoise blue stewardess dress that has a halter neck style and a Velcro neckpiece. Also, the complete costume will include a cape that has an attached collar ties around the neck and a matching hat.

Once you got everything, you are now ready to go as Britney sings “I Wanna Go”.


Pirate Wench Costume

Anne Bonny and Mary Read are known for terrorizing the Spanish Main just like how their male pirate counterparts carried out a sea battle. Actresses Keira Knightley and Naomi Harris also played prominent female pirate roles for the Pirate of the Caribbean making female pirate wenches more prominent than ever. These are some of the reasons why people who choose to dress up like sexy pirate wench in costume events such as Halloween. Pulling off a pirate wench costume from a thrift store is as easy as one, two, and three. In fact, you just have to follow these three simple steps that will help you to dress up a sexy pirate wench!

The first thing that you need to do is to pick a simple white blouse that is loose and billowy and add up a red corset. For you to feel sexier, wear a pirate skirt rather than tight black pants as your next step. Calf-high boots that are either black or brown is just perfect. To flash out a daring look, go find a panty hose, preferably a fishnet hose, for it will be a great addition to your sexiness.

And lastly, accessorize by wearing a tri-corner hat or a bandana. Spice it more up by wearing dangling earrings that has gold or silver touches. And of course, do not forget to bring a weapon that could be a sword, a dagger, or a flintlock pistol. Hey, just make sure that all of these are all imitations; you don’t want to hurt anybody, do you?


Crocodile Dundee Costume

Definitely, you have come across the movie Crocodile Dundee that has been loved by many people around the world. This comedy film is a favorite among men and women who lived in the 1980’s as it became number in the box office charts worldwide. You might be thinking that this film was a product of spending huge amount of money, but as a matter of fact the movie was produced under a budget of $10,000,000. This is why is you are thinking to be Mick Dundee, the main character of the hit movie, fret no more because you can be one just by wearing a Crocodile Dundee costume. It is a great choice in any of your costume party that you’ll need to attend.

You can easily find and purchase this costume in online shops. Usually, the costume package includes a faux leather vest which seems like authentic crocodile skin. In addition, you will receive a crocodile hat with teeth. This is an amazing deal that you can have that is just right for your money!

If you are having problems with your budget, you can just actually improvise. You just need to look for a leatherette brown vest and a pair of brown pants. Then, go find a green cork hat and attach on its end stones dangling from strings. This will make you look like a fisherman though you really are a crocodile hunter! All these and more fearsome attitude will make you look like a box-office hit, too!


Buzz Costume

“Through infinity and beyond!” Indeed, many people around the world have been fascinated with this line as it was delivered by one of the most favorite Toy Story character of all time, Buzz Lightyear. He has been very famous among kids and adults, too, since the movie came out. Being Andy’s favorite toy because he is new and he is cool, Buzz has never intended to hurt anybody’s feelings, especially Woody’s. With the advanced technology that was applied to design Buzz’s out-of-this-world garments, you might be thinking that having such costume is a difficult one. Thanks to the internet, because you can now find the perfect Buzz costume for your kid.

Once you purchase online, you will receive a padded space suit that exactly looks like what Buzz is wearing, a pair of gloves, and a snood. The sizes for kids are available in different variants. Should your husband also want to be one; there is a Buzz costume for adult that can also be bought online. It is already inclusive of the patted chest top with detachable wings, trousers, boot tops, a pair of gloves and Buzz’s ultimate headpiece. Buying this will not tire you out in making your own one since it is actually difficult improvising a Buzz costume with its intricate details.

Surely, all the old toys in the costume party will be very jealous with what your kid or husband is wearing. All eyes will be focused on them as they fly from infinity and beyond!


Wench Costume

Yes, wench may be somebody who is a woman servant, but let us put on some twist by making it sexier. Despite the fact that she is peasant, everybody, especially the boys, will love her because of her innocence. People in parties love to stare a sexy woman servant. The boys will drool over you if you will decide to choose a wench costume for your special costume parties. In fact, you can choose from a different type of wench. You can play as a pirate wench, Roxana Black sexy wench, Roxana Blue sexy wench, new medieval wench, or a beer wench peasant.

For a pirate wench, you will need a hot pink sexy pirate dress that has a lace up black bodice and net trim. A pirate eye patch, a headband, and a pirate cutlass to complete will complete the pirate look. On the other hand, for you to become a Roxanna Black sexy wench, you just have to get a black satin dress with white lace and black lace on the bottom part of the dress. Just add a frilly white apron to complete the look. For you to look like a sexy Medieval serving wench, you just have to wear black velour with draping sleeves that have gold details on the whole costume and belt. Or if you want to become a beer server wench, peasant style dress with mock corset style and apron with knee length stockings are just the essentials. If you are having difficulty finding these stuffs, there are online shops where you can purchase these items.